Appreciate the Now

Inspired by a book I’m reading called “The Spectacular Now”. Also inspired by how bored I am with school right now.

Ever since we’ve come back from winter break, I’ve been counting the days until April. Along with the rest of the school, I’m drained from all this work school is putting on me for finals. Honestly, lately I’ve been counting the days left until graduation (1 year, 147 days). High school is getting old fast.

However, with the daydreaming of graduation brings my post high school life into consideration. Although I do have some short term plans, I don’t know where I’m going to end up. This is pretty stressful to think about.

The point is, you’re not always going to be a highschooler. And no matter how much you hate it, all of you are going to miss it at some point. I think this is because, whether you like it or not, high school is normal to you. You are comfortable with your daily routine, and you’re probably more comfortable with things staying the same, especially after 4 years.

When we leave high school, our lives are going to be drastically changing. We’ll lose friends, lose memories, and lose normalcy. That’s not an easy thing to go through, much less be expected to make a life-altering decision such as your college major at 18 years old.

I think that’s what makes adults reminisce about it. It really is easy to stay the same. So, even if you hate high school, take a minute to think about how much you’ll miss it. Appreciate the time you have right now.





3 thoughts on “Appreciate the Now

  1. This couldn’t be any more true. The future is always something I’ve dreaded, however at the same time, it’s something to be excited about. Yes things are going to change and it’s going to be scary no doubt, but think of the endless possibilities opened up top you for your future. I will admit though, there will be some memories and people that I will miss.


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