10 Blog Post Ideas

Inspired by myself and writer’s block, this blog post will be about blog posts. After 8 weeks of blogging, your writing ideas may have run dry, and I’m here to help. Behold, things to write about when you’re out of ideas:

1. Share an opinion. Write about something you have a strong opinion on. Just share your thoughts.

2. Do a tutorial. Teach your followers something handy. Recipes, DIYs, or even other blog post ideas you have.

3. Write about something that’s been bothering you. If you’ve been ticked off for the past week about racism, write about it. Or rant.

4. Write about a book. Summarize the book you’re reading right now. Recommend it, talk about it.

5. Explore a quote. Find a quote you like and elaborate on its meaning. Explain why you like it.

6. Prove someone wrong. Find another blog post, tweet, article, or whatever that you think is wrong and downright stupid. Write about how wrong they are.

7. Tell a story. Share your personal experiences or learned lessons with your followers.

8. Copy. Steal an idea from someone else! Give credit where credit is due.

9. Talk about the latest and greatest. Write about the news or something trending right now.

10. Answer a question. Find a question you think deserves to be answered, and answer it.

Another tip is to have a place to keep ideas. On my phone I have a note that I write down blog ideas on whenever one pops into my head, which is very helpful when I’m out of ideas. Or you could just start a post with some thoughts or a summary of what you’d like to write and save it as a draft.

The most important thing to blogging is writing about something that interests you. If you don’t, your writing will be tedious and probably not very good or convicting.

Happy blogging.


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