Recently I have been encountering and increasing amount of situations that have lacked indulgence. To me, it seems people are becoming more and more strict with themselves about how they spend their free time. People seldom do things to make themselves happy, but instead things that they think are doing them good. You most likely know a person who religiously follows a healthy food diet or is constantly working. I like to call people like this “prunes”, because they never indulge in anything and have no¬†capability to have fun. In my opinion, we are here on this earth to enjoy ourselves and make the most out of our lives, not do so many things to please others or do things satisfying your need to feel productive.

Don’t get me wrong, you shouldn’t ditch your homework and quit your job, I just think it’s okay to do what makes you happy. Indulge a little.


This blog post was inspired by this one.


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