repWhy do people care about reputation?

Humans are social creatures. You may have learned the basic needs hierarchy when you were in middle or elementary school. (It’s like a food pyramid, but for life.) Anyways, as socialites, people need to feel like they belong. Even the most introverted people who are 100% comfortable with themselves still need some social interaction to thrive as a human being.

Reputation is the belief or opinions that are generally held about someone or something. Too often, your reputation will define you. Unfortunately, everyone is instinctively judging you. All the time. They can’t help it, and you do it too. You’re judged on your appearance, your demeanor, your online persona, your friends, your everything. Many people will say that they don’t care about their reputation, but if it impacted their life greatly enough, they would care. If everyone had a misconceived idea of who you were, wouldn’t you be frustrated and feel judged for no reason? So, yes, you do care about your reputation, even if you say you don’t. And you want control over it.

The simple reason is that most people feel like they need to belong. With that comes security and happiness overall.


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