Public Speaking Sucks. Or is it your attitude?


When I looked at my schedule on the first day of my junior year, I skimmed through all of my teachers and I stopped when I saw, “Theriault, D”. He was the only teacher I recognized- my best friend had told me about his unique teaching methods the previous year. Now let me tell you something about myself: I am deathly afraid of class presentations. The only thing I remembered hearing about Mr. T was that students were expected to present to the class very often. That was all I needed to make up my mind: I was switching out of my English class. After waiting in long lines in the guidance office and attempting many times to reach my counselor, I still had found myself stuck in this petrifying class- with a class presentation on the 3rd day of school.

I survived that presentation, and I also learned something that changed my outlook on that class. I can’t avoid presentations forever. I need to improve my skills with public speaking, and practice is the only solution. I’ve also realized the root of my fear. I care too much what people think of me. Nobody cares if you mess up a little bit, and certainly nobody thinks about how much of a loser you are for messing up the next day. In fact, it’s probably forgotten within 5 minutes. All that stress for a few seconds of judgement.

This is high school. I’m halfway done and already forgiven myself for that big mess up my freshman year. And guess what? Everyone treated me the same as they did before. Moral of the story: Nobody cares, and neither should you.

I don’t know what’s ahead of me (probably public embarrassment), but I’m willing to face it and I may even laugh about my failures later on. Not today, but later on.


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